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Why I wrote

Just like over 90% of us who use the internet to obtain services at one time or another, I got ripped off too.

Recovering money through the legal small claims court simply does not make sense financially or otherwise. You may as well just forget your money as it costs more time and money than it’s worth. To take a case to the small claims court nearly always costs more in legal fees than the actual debt or claim is worth. Legal costs can drag on for months, even years if the company or person in question fight the claim. The end result of this issue is over 80% of small claims (£200 on average) don’t get resolved.

Even if you can spend months buried in paperwork and legal fees and you do win the case, the chances of being paid in full is very unlikely due to many factors. The main one being they simply refuse to pay using the oldest trick in the book, pleading poverty or going bust then what I believe is illegal, changing their name overnight.

Fundamental business Ltd law allows a company to change website, name and address overnight which allows them to repeat the same scam - legally!

After I was defrauded I was in the very same boat as most. I just couldn’t face months or even years in court, knowing they would simply go bankrupt if they lost at the end, which they would on both counts (as they did in the end).

I decided to opt for another and much more powerful route to justice. Social media networking… Name them, Shame them and claim my money back very publically through social media... is by far the fastest and cheapest route to justice.

So, The CompanyComplaintsRegister was born, 6 weeks later hundreds of complaints against the same company joined my own complaint, including I was offered a settlement but I decided the money was no longer the issue, it had become personal so I left my complaint up which forced the company to go bankrupt, or struck off to be accurate. This company changed it’s name, we simply added the new trading name and once again making it near impossible for the company or people to obtain new business which I personally felt was closer to justice in my case.

There is no cost to post your claim with CompanyComplaintsRegister so you won’t be forced out of pocket and unable to carry on as you would within the claims court. I personally find this a major fundamental flaw in our justice system. It should not cost the victim a penny to get their money back.

The bottom line is there is no lawyer that can win against the power of social media and networking power that it wields. Being named and shamed online really gives you one option if you want to stay in business – Settle your debts and apologise.

Once the company is listed, google takes over with our clever algorithms that follows the company’s domain name wherever it goes, making it near impossible to attract new business, just as our settlements prove.

CompanyComplaintsRegister has now helped over 35,000,000 people in over 50 countries to obtain justice without spending a single penny.

Regards & justice