CompanyComplaintsRegister, name, shame & claim.

Why you can’t trust reviews and review companies despite many doing their best to weed out the fake reviews.

Reviews and review sites are the single biggest source to find a service online today. For a business it is the difference between success or failure, so these companies will go to extreme lengths to manipulate their ratings on review websites.

The problem is and always has been bad companies who can have a river of individual complaints but can appear as if they have perfect track record with no complaints. All these companies have to do is make up positive fake reviews and random blogs to move down and out any complaints or negative reviews off the first pages of a google search.

Only 3-7% of us search passed the first page of a google search, so complaints can easily be hidden in minutes by self-blogging. As the company in question would have the most ranking power (SERPS page value) simply because it is their own domain name in the keyword search. So, using their own domain name as an Anker their self-written blogs over-power a single complaint written by a random consumer which due to the lack of content compared to the company’s websites back links gets pushed down until it’s out of sight.

The Company Complaint Register has been designed to out rank the companies own URL (website) by consolidating as much information (complaints) about the company from as many sources as possible so their complaints can’t be hidden by pushing them off page one of google with endless and pointless posts that’s only purpose is to fill page one, leaving no room left for the complaints to sit and be seen.

The Company Complaint Register works very differently so it can’t be manipulated to make a bad company look trustworthy as we only review and list complaints against companies. You can clearly read each complaint before you make what could be a very expensive decision to trust the untrustworthy.

Simply search the company’s name in our register first to make sure they haven’t got any claims pending against them before you go off wasting your time checking all the review sites that could be fake, and very often are in our experience.

It’s far too easy for companies to make themselves look good to perspective clients online with a few fake 5-10-star reviews and rankings on sites such as which can be made up/listed in less than a few minutes. The same goes for any of the top review sites. It’s not easy to stop bad companies from manipulating the review sites which inevitably leads to lost money or a bad a service/job.

The Company Complaint Register has been launched not just to get justice and your money back but to warn others of your experience.

The Company Complaint Register