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639Harrington Brooks [Timperley]
Total claims:35
the wost company on earth, Harrington brooks, miles grady, nick holmes »200814/01/200912


Sorry if that was a bit in your face but I was trying to grab your attention. They will take a big fat chunk of your monthly payment to line their own pockets.

Speak to the [CCCS] (link: They are a registered charity who won't ever charge you a penny.

Official DFW Nerd Club - Member no. 001 - Proud to be dealing with my debts
Debt at lightbulb moment (September 2005) - £38,705.00
Debt now (January 2009) - £6,155.87
Debt free date - October 2010 May 2010

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618Harrington Brooks [Timperley]
Total claims:35
All Clear Finance HELP! »2004-200813/01/20094

Me and my partner signed up to Harrington Brooks, (now Allclear finance) approx. 4 years ago and have been paying £178.00 a month to them.
We weren't particulary happy about this but we were desperate and they sounded so helpful over the phone and promised to take all of the stress off us. We just paid them a monthly payment of £178.00 per month and they then dealt with all our creditors.
However, we have recently received a letter from Capital 1 regarding a credit card which had a debt of £300.00 - the money we owe to Capital 1 is £298.00 !!! Where has our money been going.
We have also just received a letter from Natwest regarding another of our loans and this does not seem to have come down either. We thought our debts had nearly been paid up but are now just shocked !!! Harrington Brooks have all our paper work for our debts, I have asked numerous times for details of what we owe so that I can keep a check on things but nothing has been sent to us. We are just so bewildered we don't know what to do !!!! We feel like we are now back at square 1. PLEASE PLEASE HELP.

We are new to this site and so apologise in advance if where I'm posting this is wrong.

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20925Harrington Brooks [Timperley]
Total claims:35
For me, Harrington Brooks have been fantastic »2006-201109/09/20112
I’m about 6 months away from finishing an IVA with Harrington Brooks.

For me, they’ve been fantastic. It was in a world of debt owning £58,000 in total.

Once my IVA is completed, I’ll debt free having paid back about £21,000 of the original debt.

They have been very supportive over the past 5 years, especially when of two separate occasions I needed to miss a payment.

Over the past 5 years my attitude to money has completely change and i can’t see myself getting into this type of debt ever again.

I know this is a nane and shame website - but i just wanted to offer my views.

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281Harrington Brooks [Timperley]
Total claims:35
Harrington Brooks - Ruined my life »November 200618/09/20081

Please see below for just an idea of how this company has managed to ruin my life. They also go by the name of All Clear Finance. I would advise anybody considering using them to please don't do it.

Below is a copy of an e-mail to the FSA, together with the attachment referred to.

Dear Sir/Madam

PLEASE can you offer any kind of help to me. I am at the end of my tether and I feel like the only way out is to just end it all. Six months ago I was struggling re-paying back my [] (link: programme has lead me to financial ruin rather than help me out in any way whatsoever. I cannot believe I have paid for this service which has ended up getting me into the kind of financial mess one can only have nightmares about!!! I am being hounded constantly on the telephone, by post, interest is sky rocketing. I was in so much better off struggling, as I originally was - at least I would have still had financial credibility and no soaring costs every month.

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288Harrington Brooks [Timperley]
Total claims:35
Helped my on my way to repossession »01/09/0818/09/20080

I have found myself in the same position as others who have complained on this site - i wish id never called Harrington Brooks!!! I wish id got myself out of my debt sensibly myself, without them taking me for every last penny i have got!!

I am now losing my house and i blame Harrington Brooks!

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314Harrington Brooks [Timperley]
Total claims:35
help »200816/10/20080

This company are also trading as Allclear finance, have moved addresses.
If you really need a debt solution find a non fee based company, there are a few, i am more in debt now than i was before i had anything to do with these people. and if anyone knows how i can get away from these idiots let me know, please please

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635Harrington Brooks [Timperley]
Total claims:35
Harrington brooks stummped »20614/01/20090

Can anyone help me. 2 years ago i was in a world of pain with debt. I arranged an IVA with Harrington Brooks. I found out after 1 year that it wasnt an IVA it was a debt payment agreement???

I was charged £79.61 pm for their services. Thet were paying my creditors at irregular times/dates causing me more debt, once I found out I cancelled the arrangement and contacted my creditors myself and sorted it out.

The question is can i claim back the £79.61 against them or as it is not a charge but a fee i cant claim any of it back. Or do I try to sue them for mis-management/advertising (i.e causing me to get into more debt)

Please help


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636Harrington Brooks [Timperley]
Total claims:35
Gutted »200814/01/20090

For those of you who dont he is in about £16,500 of debt at 27 years old and was totalyl ignoring all the letters etc to the point that we honestly thought he was goign to be in jail over Xmas.

Anyway we had a slip of paper through the door this morning adn when i rang to see who Mr J White was i found out it was a debt collector who would be calling at my house tonight. Well i told the guy on the end of the phone that Harrington Brooks was supposed to be dealign with this debt on behalf of my bf and he said they had NEVER recieved a payment from harrington broks so they would need to collect goods tonight for the outstanding amount. - now i have just brought a new motorbike with all my savings and had sent away the paperwork to be put into my name - so no evidence that it was mine and that would obviously of been the main first thing to go - the debt they were collecting for would of been about £2,300. so i hit the roof, swore my head off at bf about how could he be so irresponsible etc and stormed out this morning.

Well i came back at about 3pm ish to find all my bfs paperwork for all his debts over the floor, marker pens and a huge calender ive never seen before.
He'd already rung Harrington Brooks and basically told them where to shove it. and now he was sat down ringing all his debt agencys, adn arranging (by himself) to make his repayments. He has 4 debts (one of which im payign in installments for him at £30 a month) the ones he pays are (all had interest being added)
HSBC - 1,220
Lloyds - 2,300
morgan and stanley - 4,500
More Than - 3,500
Northern Rock (the debt im paying off) is £4,500

and he has now managed to get it to this
Lloyds - £50 a month.
HSBC - £50 a month with interest frozen
Morgan and Stanley - £100 a month interest frozen
More Than - trying to contact still

so he is paying slightly more but hopefully that means his debts will be paid off sooner and we can be debt free soon so at the mintue im doing more overtiem to try and help shift some of these debts for him. I know im doing one already but its to secure our future together is debt free. so i dont mind if it means we are happy and stress free because today has been hell thinking there was a debt collector on the way

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617Harrington Brooks [Timperley]
Total claims:35
Making a complaint against Harrington Brooks »2006-200813/01/20090

I got in contact with Harrington Brooks - (apart from getting into debt this is the biggest mistake I have ever made) last year. Last month I asked for a break down of all the cost etc to see what my creditors were getting paid and the outstanding balances. Their fee should have been £34 but instead they were charging me about £70 and to make matters worse they weren't paying one of my creditors because someone there deleted it!

So how would like to know if there is anyone I can make a complaint too or discuss this with. Would a organisation like the FSA be a good start?

I am lost for words as to their treatment!

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619Harrington Brooks [Timperley]
Total claims:35
Harrington brooks complaint »200713/01/20090

I cannot offer a great deal of advice as I gave up on them and moved to another DMP company after numerous demands to Harrington Brooks for statements of what I owed, what had been paid to who with no response

Again, another problem with HB is that they charge you an admin fee as well (was about £25 a month for me if I remember rightly) - and elsewhere that £25 could be used to clear another bit of debt!!

I think after I rang them and got irate with the lady on the phone, and sent them a letter demanding statements of where my money had gone (sent recorded delivery) I finally got something through - and it turned out my balances were not going down as interest was not frozen on all and the creditors were not being paid on the same day every month, therefore I was incurring charges which in turn amounted my debt to more than the initial debt I wanted help for!

Have you perhaps thought about moving elsewhere or running your own Debt management plan?
pinkkat8910 is offline  

[] (link:

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620Harrington Brooks [Timperley]
Total claims:35
Harrington brooks HELP »200713/01/20090

Hi Guys (&Gals),

Looking for some advice.....

I was stupid when I was a young buck, and got myself into quite a bit of debt quite fast, 2 or credit cards, mobile phones & loans.

I seriously tried to get this sorted 3 years back prior to the birth of my son, and for 12 months, paid into a Debt Management plan offered by Harrington Brooks (AllClear finance), But after this 12 months, i started asking questions and the company 'lost interest' in me.

I was paying £250 a month, which was brilliant, but i was not getting regualr statements, and when I did, there wasn't a whole lotta change after all payments had gone out, even after 12 months!

The company stopped contacting me, and the creditors did....

I am now out of work, failed business venture

I live off my partners income, luckily, we do not pay rent as I live in my mothers second house.

I claim dole, which I hate, and getting back into the rat race is proving difficult.

I currently owe approx. £9k, and have no way to pay any of it back.

Would you say BR is the way forward?

Or am I being a little pesimistic?

Any help would be appreciatted.

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621Harrington Brooks [Timperley]
Total claims:35
Harrington brooks not paying creditors »200813/01/20090

Hi everyone,

I am wondering if the situation below has ever happened to any of you.

I switched DMP from Harrington Brooks to Payplan last December and have been paying Payplan religiously (direct debit) every month. However, since mid-may I have received 2 letters from 2 different creditors saying that I have failed to keep the agreed repayments! Today I have received a Claim form which will obviously end up as a CCJ.

The only reason I can think of for this to happen is that Payplan are not making the payments to the creditors eventhough I am paying Payplan.

Has this happened to any of you? Is there any way for not having a CCJ? What can I do for this not to happen again in the future?

Thank you for your help

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622Harrington Brooks [Timperley]
Total claims:35
Harrington brooks ??? »200813/01/20090

Hi i'll try and explain as clear as i can. My husband got into debt about £20.000 around 1999. he consolodated his debts then with Harrington Brooks and payed the monthly amounts,
around 2004 he thought the payments would soon end, he got a statement and realised he was wrong and still owed £14'000. So we put the money with the house on a loan ( now all payed off as we have since moved ).
anyway he is very good with money now , last Oct he receieved a letter via old address from mackenzie hall for a bill of £200 from around the year 2000 ( since realsise after reading other posts that should perhaps not have paid this ) and has received another letter from them last week via his mothers address for £196 from a mail order debt in 2000 ( which we also paid ).
My question is that having checked his credit report these 2 debts are not on it( debts from consolodation loan time are logged)( checked all 3 credit companies and i cant understand why these recent 2 arnt. I'm basically worried that he has forgotten more debts from the past and another bill may arrive again, and credit report doesnt seem to be accurate.
Surely though if big debts were in the equation then i would have thought companies would be on his back and i know that he has had no correspondence with companies in 6 years so i guess if a bill does come we could tell them to get lost !!!! sorry if its long winded , just wondered if anyone could reasasure me.
thanks karen

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623Harrington Brooks [Timperley]
Total claims:35
Harrington brooks and OR help! »200813/01/20090

Hi all,

Had a call from my OR this avo after going BR last friday....

Apparently he is sending me a letter for me to get some stuff together to send back to him by the beginning of next week and then we have our phone interview a week on thursday.

Now, i was on a debt management plan with a company called Harrington Brooks, so sent them all my loan agreements etc, called them up to get the copies back and they very kindly informed me that as i was on a debt management plan that started over 3 years ago, the files were in the loft/cellar so would take at least two months to find. They then informed me that due to the privacy protection act, all other post (i.e. threatening letters etc) that i have sent to them over the years have been destroyed! Argh!!

Can anyone shed some light on what the OR is going to want from me as am a bit concerned that i only have a week to get everything together...have a feeling they will want bank statements of my accounts that are now closed down and have no idea how i will get the info as i also shred all my statements that come through the post...feeling a bit stuuuuupid for that now but always thought i was being good by being green and recycling! duh!!

Any advise would be great (apart from teaching me how to spell!).

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624Harrington Brooks [Timperley]
Total claims:35
Never use harrigton brooks! »200713/01/20090


I have many questions and was not sure which forum to post on but hopefully this one is right :-)
In 2003 I got into quite a bit of debt- I ended up going to a private company called Harrington Brooks who advised they could negotiate with all my debtors for a fee and sort out my debts- what followed was a year nightmare with me dealing directly with all the companies eventually and having 3defaults on my credit report.(Please anyone reading thsi do NOT ever use them!)
All these debts are cleared but I feel so trapped by my credit file-
1 I work in a bank and am not sure if i can change jobs as banks now credit check new employees. Someone advised me that they only credit check if you are bankrupt- can anyone shed some light on this? I am not so sure.
2 I incurred £2652 charges on my account during this time- I would like to claim this back but can;t open a parachute account as my credit rating is so bad. I found a posting on this website saying citibank accept people with bad credit history but even they refused!
3 I would lke to move flat but cannot move as all letting agencies credit check you nefore you become a tennent and feel I will never get a mortgage.

I feel like my life is just on pause until 5 years time when these defaults clear

In the past year my earnigns have increased doble to £40,000 yet and I have no more debt problems but I still am having so much hassle dealing with my financial past - sorry for ranting but I just feel so trapped - and I am out of debt!!!

Thanks for Listening/Reading

any advice would be a big help :-)

a xx

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626Harrington Brooks [Timperley]
Total claims:35
Harrington brooks/All Clear Finance, very unclear! »200813/01/20090

I contacted Allclear back in November - I have paid them £700 since November and my creditors are still chasing me.

When I first contacted them, they bent over backward to make sure that I was happy to hand over X amount every month and that they would do the rest!

4 months on - I'm still receiving calls and demading letters from creditors. I had a loan with Lloyds TSB which I passed details to Allclear (aka Harrington Brooks) they quickly convinced me that they would pay an agreeed amount to Lloyds on my behalf... Today I received a letter from Lloyds saying that they will accept a lower monthly payment!!! NOT what I had agreed with Allclear... In fact very UNCLEAR!

BILLYS - My advice.. Get your daughter and son in law to the CAB ASAP!
I will go to see my CAB debt advisor tommorow.

Has anyone else dealt with this company and to what affect ?


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627Harrington Brooks [Timperley]
Total claims:35
Harrington brooks ditto »200813/01/20090

Exactly what they told me. I was advised I couldnt have a Trust deed as my debts were below 10k. My debt is £10.5k and since I asked them to arrange a trust deed 6 weeks ago.. they have yet to be in contact! I have called and emailed them.

CAB are free, impartial and I should have went there in the first place.

I think I'll stay well clear of allclear.!"

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628Harrington Brooks [Timperley]
Total claims:35
Harrington brooks, hind site »200813/01/20090

After reading some inspiring threads, I was feeling somewhat motivated. I have had a rollercoaster week - had a CCJ on wednesday - Harrington Brooks were acting on my behalf but failed to inform me that one of creditors wanted £200 instead of £36 per month, so I termintated my contract with them

I owed one of my creditors £186, I called them to get their details and the guy said to me if I can pay it now they will accept £120! £60 savings!!!!!

So I did.

Feeling inspired, when I get paid next month, I will contact one other creditor who I owe £300 to and see if they will accept less if I can pay it off. I will carry on to pay all my creditors the minimum, but try and save about £200 or so a month and then every 3 months call another creditor and see if they will accept less!

To all of you who have inspired me this week - THANK YOU! And to those of you who was feeling like me, chin up and please do not lose that motivation.

The CCJ has blemished my record for 6 years, but thats now in the past and I have to look to the future!

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629Harrington Brooks [Timperley]
Total claims:35
Harrington brooks rip off »200813/01/20090

Are there any CCCS advisors available to help?

The GF is currently paying £150 a month to harrington Brooks for her debt, £27.50 of this is Harrington Brooks' fee.

How can we get off this plan and move to CCCS so that 100% of the payment goes to clearing the debt?

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630Harrington Brooks [Timperley]
Total claims:35
Harrington brooks ????? »200813/01/20090

[] (link:

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