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RISE University


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United Kingdom




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RISE University FRAUD

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400 GBP

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June -July 2010

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I recently enrolled at an online university called RISE University. They are apparantly in UK and in USA. I paid 99 pound for enrollment and I had to pay another 2oo pounds for my materials (which is an online classroom). The website looks great and the materials are very professional. After I finished studying, I wrote the online test. When I got the results, the computer had changed some of my answers to different ones and marked them wrong. When I phoned them about it they said that the software sometimes does that and that they will correct it manually. This is however done on purpose, because on the website you can choose to redo the test for 480 pounds. I think they change your marks so you can get lower marks and pay to take the test again. They kept telling me they will fix it in 2 hours or tomorrow. This was about a month ago. They also told me to pay another 99 pounds to get my graduation pack including my certificate and my transcripts. I paid and they said I will receive in in 7 days. It is a month later and I haven't received anything. I have phoned them every single day just to get the phone put down when they here is it me calling. They told me that the university has existed for 10 years, but nowhere can I find anything about them on the internet. They also claim to be accredited by the International Accreditation Organization, but this is also not true. They also have an online chat. As soon as they see it is me chatting, they log off. The names of the two people who lied to me and stole my money is Chris Anderson from America and Ben Taylor from the UK. The website is 1-877-849-RISE (7473) 0800-635-RISE (7473) These are the two numbers given on the website. I have also emailed them probably about 20 times and had no reply. They have my bank details, and I am affraid they might steal my money. The emails I have is and At this point I just want my money back. They have lied to me and took money from me for no reason and wasted my time I could have used to study something legit. Please someone help me.

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[26/12/2010] toro: if you require more information, emaiL me to my email: or write me a letter: Toro Muhamed, 22 Sidmouth road, London,NW2 5JX.

[26/07/2012] smartmakesmore: Today I got a call around 1600 and one guy whom i suppose is an Indian based on his English talked to me and told me that I have won a Free online Degree...I was amazed but since i am a marketer i learned the skills to identify the truth an faults. Then he said He has sent and email and he wanted me to sign up...I was freaked...then i checked the email and did a google result and found-out that this in an another kind of fake way to make money online...I told to him by replying don't fuck with me and posting this post. You can find the email which he sent to be below....

Denzil Gomez
2:49 PM (10 hours ago)

to me
Dear Mr. xxxxxxxxxxxx,

We would like to congratulate you for being selected for the 100% Scholarship program whereby you will be registering for the whole program with no fee.

However, a nominal fee of documentation will be required in order to deliver the transcripts and degrees at given address.

As communicated to you over the phone by our Rise representative, we recommend you to sign up below for the scholarship with your valid information so we can further process your application.

We suggest you to sign-up today in order to reserve your seat for the scholarship program as we have several applicants still awaiting their chance. Click on the link below to provide us with you valid information and program requirement. CLICK HERE AND RESERVE YOUR SEAT

Once your details are received, our career counselor will connect with you to discuss/assist you with the registration process.

FREE Career Counseling and Assistance

As an added advantage, Rise University will provide you FREE career counseling helping you explore the best employment opportunities in your region and aboard. You will be assisted by Rise University in the following areas:

1. Your resume will be drafted by experts at Rise once your program is completed.

2. Help you access exclusive job opportunities in your region and abroad.

3. With our corporate partners placed all over the globe, we also help students with all tricks of the trade to get employed soon.

About Rise University

As the world's largest university, Rise offers self-paced degree, diploma, and certificate programs in 16 different fields of study and 71 different majors. More than 2000 experienced faculty members, around 88 global locations, about 1000 academic affiliates, corporate partners and career center all come under Rise roof to offer peerless academic experience.

Best Regards,
Denzil Gomez
Senior Student Counselor
Rise University
44-800-635-RISE (7473)

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