Free to use, this brilliant new public opinion web site allows you to name, shame and claim against any company or individual that has ripped you off or wronged you in any way, leaving you out of pocket or aggrieved.

CanYouTrustThem now helps over 3000 people every single day.

CanYouTrustThem uses the enormous power of the internet, social networking & national media, to name and shame on a national scale, bringing swift justice without the cost, time & stress that is associated with a legal challenge. Simple and FREE to use, your story / complaint will be posted for the world to see warning others of your experience, allowing them to compare and comment on their experiences. The site will alert you when the company or individual has made contact to settle your claim or complaint, when fully satisfied with your settlement you can then remove your claim from the register.

CanYouTrustThem uses clever search ranking technology to ensure that any complaints made about a specific company are extremely transparent to any potential customers. Whenever a potential customer searches the internet to obtain information on a particular company, they will be confronted with theCanYouTrustThem web site, listing all the complaints for that company - and very often, the web site link appears at the top of the search listing, even above the companies own web site!!

Here are some examples of companies who thought they could ignore the power of CanYouTrustThem. Simply enter one of the companies name into Google to see the power of our search ranking technology:

Company Name.
1.Viv3Lab Ltd.
2.Trading Planet Ltd.
3. TLG Loans
4. Sorroco Direct Ltd.
5. Wellbhealth

Latest settlements

CanYouTrustThem really does work - examples of recent settlements shown below....

[09/09/2010] janet price: have now recieved cheque from wentworth direct,54 pounds less admin fee 5 pounds

[23/02/2010] ricardo: i this complaint help me to recover my money from the nuskin and the singapore smilekit thank you very much i wait for help about acai berry i wait.this complaint is wonderful

[02/12/2009] jeremy: Thank you very much for all your help. It took 2 months to get them to respond, but after your assistance, they decided to refund me the money. It's funny how it takes threatening legal action to get them to do the right thing. Next time I'll cunt on you guys! I now know that if I ever have any problems like this, you will be the first one I turn to. Again, many thanks!!

[20/11/2009] Brenda: I received an e-mail stating that I had received a refund from Medi colon cleanse. Thank you.

[01/10/2009] jackie: my clame has only been reported,but what a relife it was to find this site and know you are surported in your distress,espesially when youv only discovered youve been ripped off,thanks to the site exposing these scammers,well done keep up your good work

[30/09/2009] kent geyer: dear sirs, one of my 3 claims was against colon cleanse. they have refunded my $87.13. it is an acaci berri front as are the other 2 compaints. thank you very much for your help and i hope the other 2 claims have the same great results.

[30/09/2009] Vivienne Frost: After sending my second Recorded Delivery letter on 16/09/2009. I received an email from the trader on 21/09/2009 stating that as the item was supplied correctly it was my responsibility to return it and then I would be refunded. I returned it on 22/09/2009 and have now received my refund. Hooray, persistence pays off!

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